Location Growth Strategy

Unsure how to grow your business, and what locations or areas offer the highest potential for growth of your products or services?

Our location growth strategy services assist in determining the most optimum locations for businesses to seek new stores, to create new territories or primary marketing areas, or for potential franchisees to expand into, for the highest chance of success.

This has become more important then ever before, in a highly competitive market place and for when navigating through challenging economic times.

Location Growth Strategy

The Value of Location Growth Strategy

No matter what stage of the location growth cycle your business is at, by having a well considered location growth strategy this means that any future location considered will have the highest chance of success.  It will also assist with minimising the impacts of cannibalisation as new locations or stores enter the network.

Geotech Information Services works in partnership with all different types of brands, from start-up and emerging businesses, to major corporations, to add value to their business strategy and location network planning.  Geotech Information Services can assist with where the market opportunities are specific to your industry and brand to achieve maximum growth potential.

Helping Brands Every Step of the Way Through The Location Growth Cycle

Geotech Information Services assists businesses no matter which stage they are at through the location growth cycle.

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Prediction Modelling

Incorporate prediction modelling as part of your location growth strategy, to forecast sales or performance of a new store or location before it is opened.