Precinct Scout

Australia’s most comprehensive Precinct Performance Data, right at your fingertips.

Geotech’s Precinct Scout is a unique interactive online mapping solution that profiles around 5,000 retail precincts across Australia.

Drawing from a unique combination of data sources, including Mastercards retail data, Precinct Scout empowers organisations with the intelligence to make more profitable location, leasing or purchasing decisions.

It has never been so easy to have comprehensive precinct data critical to decision making right at your fingertips. Precinct Scout offers detailed comparative data across a range of diverse retail environments, including:

  • Shopping Malls

  • Shopping Strips

  • CBD / Commercial Precincts

  • Big Box / Homemaker Centres

  • Airports & Transit Hubs

“Ideal for Property Managers, Retailers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Leasing Agents.”

Included is information on centre size, tenancy mix and merchant counts, along with the demographic attributes of the surrounding catchment. A Precinct Scout subscription also includes personalisation of the mapping for your specific needs, allowing for the incorporation of your store locations, major competition locations and demand by area for your products / services.


The incorporation of quarterly Mastercard transactional data adds incredible insight. Every retail precinct in Precinct Scout is ranked (against other precincts in the state) across four key metrics, being:

  • Transactional Volume

  • Average Spend per Transaction

  • Average Sales

  • Sales Change (compared to 12 months prior)

Precinct Scout visually displays the strength of the precinct across each of these measures. Clicking into a precinct displays all of the transactional and centre data relevant to that precinct, along with information on how that precinct ranks against others in the state.

Precinct Scout is a game changer for property managers and real estate professionals within Australia.

Key Benefits include:

  • Property Managers, other Property Professionals, and Retailers can view information on precincts across Australia, allowing for a true comparison of precinct performance;

  • Insight into diverse precincts, including CBD, shopping strip and commercial precincts, that previously have had little information about them available to place major location planning decisions on;

  • Access to quarterly indexed card rankings derived from Mastercard transaction data (from Mastercard) by Geotech’s Precincts, empowering businesses to make better location planning decisions;

  • For a Property Manager or Retailer looking for that high potential tenancy, it is a gold mine. Precinct Scout allows them to compare precinct traffic and ticket size, and see which precincts are upcoming or going ‘off the boil’. One major benefit is it may allow a Property Manager to identify a lower rental strip location that performs as well (or better) than a more well known, higher rental shopping centre.


What does the subscription include?

  • Access to data within Geotech’s precincts for one market, multiple markets, East coast only, or Australia wide coverage

  • Topline data on Getoech’s Precincts, including shopping centre size and tenancy mix

  • Key surrounding demographic data, including income and age profiles

  • Mapping overlay of your current network

  • Quarterly indexed Mastercard retail data by Geotech’s Precincts^

  • State rankings of precinct performance

  • Option to add demand heat map layer for your product category

  • Option to add major competitors

  • Option to add additional users within your company

  • Periodic newsletter with updates

  • Customer service training & support (Monday-Friday during business hours of up to 2 hrs per annum)

^Mastercard retail data not available as a standalone product

“For a Property Manager looking for that high potential tenancy, it is a gold mine of information.”