Using Mastercard merchant data to influence location planning decisions

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Welcome! We currently offer a series of newsletters, known as The Precinct Prospector Reports to existing subscibers. If you are not a subscriber you can subscribe and benefit from quarterly updates and access to our interactive Precinct Scout Mapping tool. You can access certain reports as a non subscriber by contacting Geotech.
Each year Geotech will be releasing to Precinct Scout subscribers a series of Precinct Prospector reports, which will highlight the top retail precincts across Australia within a range of different environments:
  • Suburban areas;
  • Regional areas;
  • CBD environments; and
  • Homemaker centres.
Each report will cover the top retail precincts across Australia in Transactional Volumes, Average Spend per Transaction, and Average Sales, based on Mastercard retail Transactional data. The reports will also highlight the precincts that have had the most significant movements up and down in Transactional Volumes and Average Sales.
Reports will be segmented by the size of the retail precinct, with the first issue of each report focusing on medium sized retail precincts, followed by a second issue of each report focusing on larger sized retail precincts
Medium Sized Retail Precincts in Suburban Areas
In this issue of Geotech’s Precinct Prospector report, the spotlight is on medium sized retail precincts in suburban areas^.
^Medium sized retail precincts are defined as precincts with 50 to 99 Mastercard merchants present.
Time Period Covered: Based on data up to December 2018.
Information Included in the Tables
Each table within the report includes the following information:
  • Rank: where the precinct ranks on the measure being considered;
  • Precinct ID: the numerical ID of the precinct that can be searched for and easily identified within the Precinct Scout interface using the Advanced Search feature;
  • Suburb;
  • Street: note that this references a street segment passing by the precinct, and that the primary precinct may not necessarily have this street address;
  • Main Centre: if the precinct covers a shopping centre, the name of the centre is provided;
  • Merchants: The number of Mastercard merchants within the precinct;
  • Mastercard Score: The Mastercard index score on the measure being considered, which is indexed from 0 to 1,000, with 1,000 being the highest score possible;
  • Geotech State Ranking: where the precinct ranks within the state, where a 1 is the highest rank possible.