Mobile Data can help solve many problems

Understanding customer behaviour is such an important part of not only Marketing, but can flow to other parts of the business including Property. We have been incorporating Mobile data into our network analysis and strategic planning for clients. We have consistently maintained that it is not the solution to every problem or answer every question, however we are seeing more and more how it can be used in different applications to deliver some outstanding results.

Recently, we were approached by the owners of several shopping centres, how were looking to better understand where customers were travelling from to visit each of the centres. More specifically they wanted to better understand how far people were travelling to visit the centres (how large is the trade area), and the demographic profile of the customers (ethnicity, socio economics). In addition, where the customers travel from before and after the visit, and where is the centre is not attracting customers.

The map below highlights where customers frequenting Clifford Gardens Shoppin Centre live. The centre’s trade area has been derived based on where the majority of consumers frequenting Clifford Gardens are coming from.


Clifford Gardens is the second largest centre of those considered for this study. As can be seen from the below above, Clifford Gardens draws customers from a relatively broad area, with the highest concentration of customers coming from the general Newtown area and out to the west. Interestingly, West Street is acting as a clear travel barrier to the east of the centre, with all 5 of the other centres considered all located to the east of West Street. Clifford Gardens is still obtaining customers to the east of West Street, however the concentration of which quickly drops off past West Street

The population within Clifford Gardens main catchment is 39,958.

Clifford Gardens

Households within the Clifford Gardens catchment do not tend to spend as much as other centre catchments in Toowoomba, and are more restricted spenders due to the below average socio-economic profile. Of the commodities considered, the only one households within the Clifford Gardens catchment spend significantly above average amounts on is Veterinary Charges (spend 10.1% above Queensland regional averages). Commodities that Clifford Gardens households spend significantly lower amounts on include:

  • Accident and Health Insurance (spend 24.7% below Queensland regional averages);

  • Camping Equipment (spend 22.7% below Queensland regional averages); and

  • Motor Vehicle Purchases (spend 16.8% below Queensland regional averages).

The example from above helped the client better understand the customer penetration for the shopping centre and what is missing is the other 5 centres that we profiled in the study which then gave the client a very good idea as to the shopping habits of the customers profiled….did they visit another centre before or after visting their centre? It also enabled the client to target marketing to try and entice customers into their centre in the areas they are not penetrating, and further, what type of retailers would best suit the centre based on the demographic profile of the customers.