Target Market Locator

Geotech’s Target Market Locator visually maps out a company’s key target market(s), showing where the highest concentration of their key target market are located throughout different day parts, instantly showing the hot spots of highest opportunity.

This heat mapping can be overlaid with other relevant information, such as the location of a company’s instore, online, or delivery customers, any current store or competitor locations, or a brands “generators” of interest that will drive a company’s customers into an area (eg. shopping centres / strips, train stations, universities, restaurants, entertainment, etc).

This target market mapping of both demand and supply instantly shows areas of missed opportunity, where there are gaps in the market, and where a company’s key target are likely to be located throughout different day parts. This is important as people make buying decisions not only close to where they live, but also close to where they work and are out and about during the day and night.