Online Mapping System

Even the largest companies have been ‘stung’ trying to establish in-house GIS and mapping capabilities. Not only is the software that is required for this type of activity exceedingly expensive, it is also very specialist and requires highly trained GIS Analysts to run it.

In addition, one of the most costly parts of setting up such a system is obtaining and updating the data that sits within it. It is for this reason that more and more large businesses choose to outsource their GIS and mapping capabilities.

However, Geotech acknowledge that many businesses benefit from having access to strategic maps and data from an electronic environment that can be accessed by businesses at their offices, or on electronic devises while out and about or on the road. It is for this reason that

Geotech have developed a range of easy to use, online mapping systems, providing users with direct access to a range of mapping and information specific to their company, at the click of a mouse.

This means that there is no requirement for the purchase of expensive mapping software, or GIS training, meaning that anyone can access and use the mapping and data set up by Geotech to assist with making strategic business decisions.

Users can zoom in to any area of interest, and strategic maps can be consolidated into the one system. The following types of information can be included in an online mapping system for any area of interest:

  • Market potential / demand

  • Current supply (store and competitor locations)

  • Key customer segments

  • Retail precinct performance

  • Market share

  • Sales cannibalisation

  • Territory or primary marketing area boundaries (if applicable)

  • Location of current instore, online and delivery customers

Data can also be imbedded into the system, so that when an area is clicked on, key information is displayed including retail precinct performance (transaction data), residential demographic and business profiles, store and competitor addresses, etc.