Mapping Data

Geotech hold a vast array of mapping data and information, which can either be mapped alone, or in conjunction with and to compliment client specific data. Geotech have developed one of Australia’s most advanced geo-coding engines and can geo-code even the largest company datasets to be incorporated into maps and / or used for analysis.

This is a snapshot of just some of the data that Geotech utilises:

  • Transaction Data – powered by Mastercard, providing a measure of retail precinct performance

  • Census Data – over 2,000 residential demographic variables

  • Business Data – by ANZSIC category, employment and / or turnover

  • Household Expenditure Data – household spend data on approximately 600 categories

  • Geotech Retail Precincts – including shopping centre, strip, homemaker and CBD locations

  • Urban Development and Land Use – where new land is being released and what land is currently being used for

More information on the different types of data available that can either be mapped and / or used for analysis can be found under the Data section of this website.