Most data has some kind of a geographical component, be it a customer address, a store location and associated sales data, or online and delivery sales. By mapping this geographical information, it can unlock a wealth of information about your brand and customers, including where they are located throughout different day parts, and their purchasing habits.

Some strategic questions that can be answered through mapping include:

  • Where is the demand for my products or service offering?

  • Where do my customers come from and where are they located throughout different day parts?

  • Is my business a destination or impulse “brand”?

  • Where are the gaps in the market and how do I minimise cannibalisation?

  • What is the interaction between instore and online or delivery sales?

  • Which customer types are purchasing which products from where?

  • What does my ideal territory plan look like?

  • What is my market share by postcode?

Geotech has the tools and expertise to deliver the most simple to the most complex GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and mapping projects. Geotech can combine mapping of your own business data with Geotech’s unique datasets to unlock invaluable information about your customers and brand – putting science behind business decisions.

’’We have utilised Geotech’s services since 2013. In that time, they have helped us identify statistical factors driving the growth of our most successful franchises, and subsequently pinpoint promising new locations for expansion. Having a sound statistical base, backed by thorough research, gives us great confidence in opening new franchises, and increasing their likelihood of success. Geotech’s team have always been prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with.’’
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