Census Data

Geotech has access to the latest Census of Population and Housing Data available from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Most businesses are familiar with the types of information and residential demographics available via the Census, which includes items such as:
  • Age & Sex

  • Dwelling Types

  • Ethnicity & Language

  • Mortgage & Rent Payments

  • Family Types & Household Composition

  • Occupations

  • Individual & Household Incomes

  • Level of Education


Geotech can supply and map relevant demographic data from the Census right down to a SA1 level (suburban blocks), and map out hot spots of where the highest to lowest concentration of a company’s key demographic target market or segment(s) are located.

Contact us on (03) 9544 0440 or email us sales@geotechinfo.com.au to find out how.