When considering the data required for a project or an outcome there are specific actions and planning measures you should undertake. Vanessa Wilmot is our resident data expert. In the video we hope you find some golden nuggets.

Geotech has access to market leading data and information, to assist companies put science behind business decisions. Geotech has access to a number of unique datasets specific to all different types of industries, and covers a range of information from data on people at their place of residence, at work, at play, and in transit, to how much they spend on different products and which products they prefer.


In addition, Geotech has detailed information on land use, urban development, and the location of different precincts (retail, entertainment, homemaker, education and medical precincts for example), as well as transaction data to assist with determining retail precinct performance.

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  • Transaction Data – powered by Mastercard, providing a measure of retail precinct performance

  • Census Data – over 2,000 residential demographic variables

  • Business Data – by ANZSIC category, employment and / or turnover

  • Household Expenditure Data – household spend data on approximately 600 categories

  • Geotech Retail Precincts – including shopping centre, strip, homemaker and CBD locations

  • Urban Development and Land Use – where new land is being released and what land is currently being used for

  • Traffic Volumes – how many vehicles pass by daily