Big Data Solutions

Geotech specialise in customer data mining, retail analytics and ‘Big Data’ solutions.

There is a goldmine of information about current and prospective clients hidden in every customer database, yet many companies barely scratch the surface. By understanding more about your customers and their behaviour, this will create a more personal customer experience, which in turn builds loyalty, and ultimately delivers a higher ROI from various marketing activities. Geotech can assist with understanding.

What your Customers look like:

  • Who are your high value and most profitable customers?

  • Who is most likely to respond to a marketing campaign?

  • How could your most profitable customers be marketed to?

  • How could you find more of your high value customers from the mass market?

The Impacts of Proximity Opportunity:

  • How does distance from nearest location affect spending behaviour?

  • How does distance from competitors affect spending behaviour?

Other Benefits Include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying how Recency (days since last shop) affects your customers future behaviour

  • The ability to develop targeted local area marketing campaigns to increase ROI