Significant strategic advantage can be gained by understanding what drives sales or demand for products. Geotech specialises in developing cutting edge predictive models and tools to take the guess work out of strategic planning for our clients – putting the science behind business decisions.

Geotech provides a range of solutions to answer the following types of questions:

  • Where are the market opportunities for my brand?

  • What drives my stores sales?

  • Why do some stores outperform others and what drives store success?

  • What $$ will a new store do or how will a new store perform?

  • Where should I put a new store?

  • How will a new store affect an existing one?

  • Will there be sales cannibalisation if I expand my store network?

  • What do my customers look like?

Geotech can assist with analysis for all different sized retail networks, from start-up and emerging businesses, right through to established businesses or major corporations.