Putting Science behind Business

Putting Science behind Business Decisions

Founded in 2004 Geotech’s Directors have over 70 years’ experience combined. Our main areas of expertise include mapping, data, analysis, and strategy for many of Australia’s biggest name brands and government agencies, as well as for a countless number of smaller and emerging businesses.

What does this mean for your business?

Often business decisions are made on a whim, or gut feel – which is great when things work out the way you expect. However, things don’t always turn out as planned, therefore backing any business decisions with science, Geotech will confirm or dispel the decision before a potentially costly mistake is made.


Now more than ever, data and information are critical to effective decision making in business. The sad truth is that most businesses do not exploit the potential this information presents. Why? Firstly, information is often difficult to find or extract, being trapped across different databases. Secondly, data in its raw form is often difficult to interpret.


Geotech Information Services specialise in data supply, statistical analysis, and presentation of geo-spatial information, ensuring our clients extract the highest strategic advantage from available information – helping companies put the science behind business decisions.

What we do and how we do it

Location Strategy

  • Where is the demand for your products?

  • Where do your customers come from?

  • Is your business a destination or impulse “brand”?


  • What does your customer look like?

  • What is your market share?

  • Is there a high level of demand for my products in the area I operate?


  • How much revenue will my business generate per store?

  • Why do some stores perform better than others?

  • Is opening this new store going to impact any others?

  • How do I carve up a territory to make it equitable?


  • How do I analyse sales for each store benchmarked against others?

  • Should I move or close one of my stores and why?

  • Where is demand going to come from in 5 years?

why us?


Ability to cut through the noise and focus on what really matters for your business


70 years’ experience consulting to some of Australia’s leading brands


Provide location planning to all types of retail businesses- food/fashion/big box


In depth analysis & strategy to uncover your key sales drivers


Ability to provide insights into retail precinct performance that saves you time & money


We build sales prediction models that accurately forecast sales


Providing in-depth analysis around how cannibalisation may be affecting your network


Access to MasterCard merchant data has been a game changer for many of our clients

Geotech helps businesses across a variety of industries and countries including the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asia markets.